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Truck engine reconditioning: What it is & how it helps

Truck engine reconditioning: What it is & how it helps

Reconditioned truck engines are, essentially, engines that have been modified in order to replace, repair, re-engineer or re-work aspects of the engine. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, a truck engine reconditioning should generally take place at least every ten years or every 1,300,000 kilometres – whichever comes first. Reconditioned truck engines, if done professionally, can operate almost like new. This is because professional facilities will have the equipment and the expertise to perform the job correctly and efficiently. So, what exactly are reconditioned engines for trucks?

What is a diesel truck engine recondition?

Truck engine reconditioning can involve a number of different factors, depending on the damage or issues that are involved with the existing engine. It could be anything between a major repair and a simple service.

Typical services include:

  • Chemical cleaning of the engine block
  • Turbo Overhauled or replaced
  • Injectors reconditioned or replaced
  • Cylinder head reconditioned
  • Water pump and Thermostats replaced
  • Pistons, liners, piston rings, gudgeon pins, conrod bushes, main bearings, big end bearings, thrust washers, cam bearings, and all seals and gaskets are replaced as necessary

Although it can be quite labour intensive to take a diesel truck engine completely apart, and then put it back together, it is significantly cheaper than having to buy new engines for trucks. Due to the standards they have to meet, reconditioned truck engines will function at a high quality – and will operate like they are brand new.

Benefits of reconditioned truck engines

Apart from being a cheaper alternative to buying a new diesel truck engine, reconditioned truck engines will remedy many of the issues that impede engine performance and shorten its lifespan. The major benefit of truck engine reconditioning is that it will provide a more cost-effective alternative to an engine replacement, which will also have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Rather than sourcing new engines for trucks, performing a recondition at the first signs of reduced performance can prevent the likelihood of a serious mechanical breakdown. A truck engine reconditioning will also rectify insufficient combustion timing and excessive burning of oil, fuel and coolant.

How to tell if your diesel truck engine requires a recondition

There are a few signs that indicate it’s time for a truck engine reconditioning. The most obvious signs are if it is running rougher than usual, has a faster fuel consumption, the engine feels sluggish, it has poor acceleration and frequent mechanical faults. As mentioned before, a truck engine reconditioning should generally take place at least every ten years or every 1,300,000 kilometres as well.

The MK Equipment Services team is made up of qualified mechanics, boilermakers, exhaust fitters and welders who all deliver superior workmanship. Contact the team at MK Equipment Services today on (07) 3272 9519 if you have any questions regarding truck engine reconditioning or if your vehicle’s engine is due for a recondition.

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