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Truck brakes and repairs: what you need to know

Trucks require a lot of maintenance to stay safe and efficient. Brakes are one of the most crucial features of a truck since they control speed on downhill slopes, as well as stopping when necessary. Here is everything you need to know about truck brakes and repairs.

Types of brakes

There are three main types of brakes for trucks: drum-brakes, disc brakes (also called “anti-lock” or ABS) and air brake systems.

Drum brakes have the advantage of being cheaper than other options but often make more noise while braking. They also do not provide as much stopping power when compared to an anti-lock system or air brake system.

Discs can cost up to twice as much per unit as a drum but offer better performance due to their larger diameter and higher friction coefficient. Air brakes work well at high speeds and provide the most stopping power of all brake types. They do not work as well in colder weather and can be noisy but are often used by trucks that travel a long distance on highways.

Common problems

One of the most common truck brake problems is that they are worn down or need to be replaced. This can happen due to misuse such as stopping too quickly or driving a vehicle with heavy brakes for an extended period. It could also occur when there isn’t enough air pressure in your system causing the wheel cylinders to leak out all their fluid, which means you may have some faulty seals on your wheel cylinders if this happens often.

There are a variety of reasons for brake failure, but the most common is wear and tear from heavy use. If you drive regularly on hilly roads or stop often in traffic, your brakes will need to be repaired sooner than if you drove less frequently on flat terrain. 

There can also be other causes such as low fluid levels or faulty parts that cause trucks’ brakes to fail; these issues should be addressed promptly by an experienced mechanic before more damage occurs.

How to avoid problems

The most important maintenance step for any vehicle is getting routine inspections done on time so problems can be avoided before they become more expensive. It’s always better to spend money upfront to maintain safety than it is down the road when things have gone too far. The MK Equipment Services team is made up of qualified mechanics, boilermakers, exhaust fitters and welders who all deliver superior workmanship. Contact the team at MK Equipment Services today on (07) 3272 9519 if you have any questions regarding our heavy vehicle services, including any brakes repairs or maintenance.

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