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The Importance of Wheel Alignment Checks in Heavy Vehicles

Wheel alignment for any type of vehicle is important, but in the transportation industry it is absolutely crucial. Having poor wheel alignment can result in dramatic effects on the vehicles steering and handling, tyre wear, fuel consumption and driver fatigue.

These factors all individually contribute to hazardous and dangerous situations on the road – which is why it is crucial to have correct wheel alignment in heavy vehicles. These hazardous situations and detrimental effects are minimized significantly when regular wheel alignment checks in heavy vehicles are performed.

Increased safety

Regular wheel alignment checks in heavy vehicles optimize the steering of the vehicle and its overall performance. The increased road handling quality that correct wheel alignment gives means that the driver does not have to continuously correct the steering, lessening factors such as driver fatigue, which are especially bad on those long interstate jobs.

Furthermore, having correct wheel alignment ensures that the vehicle has a smooth driving experience. If the wheels are poorly aligned, the vehicle can pull to one side or cause excessive vibrations that make driving hazardous and dangerous. Whether in a light truck or a large commercial road train – professional wheel alignment checks in heavy vehicles are an absolute must.


Correct wheel alignment can result in significant financial benefits as it reduces the likelihood that several negative effects are occurring when driving, or are likely to occur, due to prolonged poor wheel alignment. Some of these factors include:

  • Increased tyre wear
  • Increased mechanical wear
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Potential road hazard to other vehicles
  • Poor steering responsiveness

All of these negative effects can result in accidents on the road, which would of course result in a heavy financial burden – the cost to repair the vehicles involved, insurance claims and other expenses.

Having correct wheel alignment in your vehicle will ensure it is safe and controlling as expected, and this is crucial for heavy vehicles that are hauling heavy loads. Whether you are an independent heavy vehicle driver or the owner of a fleet of commercial transportation vehicles – it is important that your vehicles are up to standard.

The team at M K Equipment Services are the industry specialists in heavy vehicle maintenance and repairs. Wheel alignment checks in heavy vehicles is just one of the many services we provide for the transportation and heavy haulage industry in the South East Queensland area.

Get in contact with us today on (07) 3272 9519 to discuss what services we can do for you and your heavy vehicles.

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