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The benefits of heavy vehicle fleet care and services

The benefits of heavy vehicle fleet care and services

Heavy vehicle fleet management is, essentially, the regular maintenance and servicing of heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. Fleet mechanical services are performed to ensure that all vehicles in a fleet are being used efficiently, safely and are well maintained. The main purpose of regular fleet services is to improve the productivity of the company the fleet is a part of and the safety conditions of the drivers.

Regular fleet care and services improves driver safety

Implementing a solid truck fleet management system is an important consideration to make to improve the safety of drivers and other people on the road. Fleet services impact every aspect of a business, from the employees to legal consequences. If the brakes, tires, suspension and other mechanical systems on a truck are not being properly maintained – this could mean trouble.

Considering the fact that mechanical issues, such as brake failure and tire blowouts, can be easily addressed with a solid fleet mechanical services routine, fleet care and maintenance should be a top priority for all commercial fleets. You owe it to your business, your drivers, and others on the road to ensure that your vehicles are in good working order every time they hit the road.

Regular fleet maintenance lowers costs

It may seem counterintuitive to spend more time and money on your heavy vehicle fleet management systems rather than doing the regular work. However, preventative maintenance and fixing things before they break is far less expensive than breakdown repairs and reactive maintenance.

For example, oil changes should obviously be done before the check engine light comes on otherwise the consequent damage is far greater and expensive than just a simple oil change. The same is true of a great many other routine maintenance procedures.

A solid heavy vehicle fleet management routine will also see savings in fuel costs as the fleet is upgraded and serviced. Fleet care and mechanical maintenance, such as changing the oil and filters, will result in a boost of kilometres per tank. Other fleet mechanical services such as tire and wheel maintenance is another important factor in fuel efficiency.

Regular fleet maintenance extends the life of the vehicles and their parts

Having a solid truck fleet management routine will ensure you get the most out of your heavy vehicles and their parts. Regular fleet maintenance and services – such as proper tyre pressure and regular rotations – are the most effective way to keep vehicles on the road and the job getting done.

The MK Equipment Services team is made up of qualified mechanics, boilermakers, exhaust fitters and welders who all deliver superior workmanship. Contact the team at MK Equipment Services today on (07) 3272 9519 if you have any questions regarding our fleet care services or if you would like to book your fleet in.

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