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We aim to teach all our valued clients how to get the most out of our products, by passing on handy tips and information that you’ll find useful!

DPF regeneration

DPF regeneration: Everything you need to know about maintaining a diesel particulate filter

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) play an important function in an exhaust system and, consequently, neglecting to maintain these filters properly can lead to significant and costly repairs. The DPF system ...
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truck brakes

Truck brakes and repairs: what you need to know

Trucks require a lot of maintenance to stay safe and efficient. Brakes are one of the most crucial features of a truck since they control speed on downhill slopes, as ...
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truck repairs

The ultimate truck maintenance checklist: How to avoid unnecessary truck repairs

Are you keeping up with your truck's servicing? Routine maintenance like regular oil changes, tyre rotations and air filter replacements can significantly extend the life of your truck. We all ...
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Heavy vehicle roadworthy

What is involved in a Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy Certificate inspection in Queensland?

In Queensland, a heavy vehicle roadworthy certificate is required for all vehicles with a Gross Mass (GM) of over 4.5 tonnes. The certificate is designed to ensure that these vehicles ...
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MK Equipments

When it comes to a heavy vehicle exhaust system, regular servicing is essential!

If you operate a heavy vehicle, you need to ensure your exhaust system is properly maintained to keep your truck, bus or motor home operating at it’s full potential. When ...
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Where could a custom towbar take you?

A towbar has the potential to completely upgrade the functionality of your vehicle. Whether you’re a tradesman needing to tow work equipment or you want to tow your fifth wheeler, ...
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Truck wheel

The Importance of Wheel Alignment Checks in Heavy Vehicles

Wheel alignment for any type of vehicle is important, but in the transportation industry it is absolutely crucial. Having poor wheel alignment can result in dramatic effects on the vehicles ...
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Exhaust smoke

The importance of exhaust repair services

For businesses that rely on heavy equipment, semi-trucks or any other form of commercial vehicles, it is crucial for operators to have a local source for expert exhaust repair services. ...
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Truck driver holding clipboard inspecting safety vehicle maintenance checklist a truck trailer, Road freight industry logistics

Services that an Approved Inspection Station can perform in Queensland

A Queensland Approved Inspection Station is a workshop that conducts vehicle inspections and issues inspection certificates, including safety certificates and certificates of inspections. Here are the major services an Approved ...
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Truck engine reconditioning: What it is & how it helps

Truck engine reconditioning: What it is & how it helps Reconditioned truck engines are, essentially, engines that have been modified in order to replace, repair, re-engineer or re-work aspects of ...
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