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Benefits of professionally installed bus and truck towbars

For those of us who are accustomed to traveling with a trailer in tow, we are all too familiar with the jarring effect that comes with lugging our load behind us. The good news is that if you choose to seek professionally installed bus and truck towbars, your heavy vehicle’s towing performance is likely to improve.

Whether it is one of MK Equipment Services’ custom-made towbars for heavy vehicles or the established range of heavy vehicle towbars that are on offer, going through a professional will ensure that the correct and high quality application is installed on your heavy vehicle.

Typically, bus and truck towbars are of a rigid design and construction – being bolted and/or welded on to the frame or chassis of your heavy vehicle. This means that there is no flexibility in the towbar, causing all of the movement and vibrations of the towbar on the towing vehicle to be transferred to the drawbar and, therefore, the frame of the trailer.

This jarring effect will usually result in drawbar and chassis fatigue and, eventually, damage to the frame of the trailer. Getting professionally installed bus and truck towbars through MK Equipment Services affords you a choice of custom-made towbars for heavy vehicles or, alternatively, towing applications such as the SoftRide Towbar and the Delica Towbar.

These particular heavy vehicle towbars are expertly designed to ensure a far more comfortable towing experience and, in turn, put considerably less stress and strain on the components, prevents metal fatigue, drawbar failure and chassis fatigue and damage.

For example, the SoftRide towbar assembly comprises of a main frame, chassis mounting plates, torsion bar housings, a towbar receiver tube, a towbar tongue, at least two torsion bars, torsion bar rubber elements, bearing blocks and safety chain lugs. This particular range of heavy vehicle towbars works to smooth out the jarring and vibration affects that are typical when towing a trailer – especially when travelling over rough roads and terrain.

The range of specialised bus and truck towbars that MK Equipment Services professionally supply and install are designed to give a smoother and more efficient towing experience. Contact us today on (07) 3272 9519 to discuss our custom-made towbars for heavy vehicles.

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